Introduction of Xinyu University

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         Established in 1986, Xinyu University (XYU) is the sole comprehensive public university in Xinyu, Jiangxi Province, China. The University is in the neighborhood of Jiangxi LDK Solar High-Tech Co., Ltd, and only a block’s away from China Photovoltaic Trading Market in Xinyu city.

XYU covers an area of about 133 hectares with a total space of buildings being 420,000 square meters. In addition, XYU has 105 laboratories, equipped with facilities for teaching and research totaled 80 million RMB and a modernized library collecting 1.2 million books; it also houses 8 research institutes in new energy science and social science.

XYU runs about 50 programs for undergraduates and professional students. Among them, there are more than 10 provincial characteristic programs, and “physics and chemistry for materials” is granted as a provincial key discipline. To date, it developed a multi-disciplinary system of programs, with a characteristic of New Energy program, a leading edge in Engineering programs, and a basis in programs of liberal arts and science.

Among its over 700 full-time faculty, there are 76 professors and 200 associate professors, including 382 teachers with a doctoral or master degree. Along the years, the XYU faculty has won various titles and awards, such as State Council Expert for Special Allowance (1), Provincial Distinguished Teachers, Provincial Backbone Teachers and Scholars in the “New Century Outstanding Talents Supporting Project of Jiangxi Province” (36).

XYU faculties are engaged with teaching and research to push the boundaries of human knowledge. Since 2010, they have declared a lot of research projects, such as Projects sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of China (1), others like Projects under “National Education Scientific Planning during the Eleventh-Five Year” and Jiangxi Provincial Scientific Planning Projects (205); they also presented over 1580 scientific papers on various learned periodicals, 56 of which are published by the Three Retrieval Systems in the U. S. and over 200 presented on China core journals.

Today, XYU is home to 14,000 students from 30 provinces of China with many different backgrounds.