A Most Rewarding Weekend for Teachers of Foreign Students

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       Office of International Cooperation and Exchange held three trainning courses for the teachers of fresh foreign students of this semester during the weekends. Professor Yang Jian and Professor Wang Baitao shared their experience on how to learn Listening English and Oral English.

          After training cousres, the first teaching method discussion forum was held on Sunday afternoon at No.2 meeting room in the administration building of our university. Professor Gong Lichun, in charge of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, took part in the meeting and shared her teaching experiences with all teachers. She also encouraged all teachers to work hard and to score achievements on foreign students teaching.

    In the meeting, Ms. Zhou Xiaoying shared her experience of teaching foreign students. She said that to teach foreign students is a difficult task with enough challenge but you can learn more. It is worth that you spend more energy and time to make friends with foreign students.

      All teachers said that they have leared much in the lecture. They wish there will be more chance to communicate with other teachers in the future and guarantee that they will work hard and try their best to fulfill their teaching task.