Registration Guide 2014 Fall

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I Visa


With the documents issued by Xinyu University, students should apply for a student visa (long term or short term) to enter China.


Long-term study visa is generally issued for a student planning to study for over one year. Long-term study visa is valid for 30 days after entrance to China. Before the visa expires, the holder must apply for a Residence Permit, which is valid for multiple entries.


Short-term study visa is generally issued for a student who is going to study for less than one year. Usually the visa is valid for one time of entrance.


It is important to pay special attention to the expiration date of the visa. Staying with an expired visa is a violation of law. The violator should be fined (RMB 500 yuan per day), be detained for investigation, and/or be deported.



II Physical Examination


For students planning to study for over one year, a physical examination is required to apply for long-term study visa or residence permit. Please take the physical examination in a local hospital and ask the doctor to fill up the Foreigner Physical Examination form, which is available on the official website of the Chinese Embassy / Consulate in your home country. It is suggested that students should bring the original medical report to Xinyu for possible use.


If you need to apply for a residence permit in Xinyu, you are required to take another physical examination at the Jiangxi International Travel Health Care Center.




III Transportation


For students who come to Xinyu for the first time, it is recommended that you can take shuttle buses at the Changbei International Airport (from CHANGBEI INTL to Xinyu). The buses are available in a designated zone indicated by the signs in the airport. The ticket fee is around RMB 95 yuan per person.


Please tell the working staff in uniform “I want to go to Xinyu City”, then they will tell you where to take the bus. Departure time as follows: 10:40, 14:40, 19:30 in Beijing time.


If you choose to take a train after your arrival in Guangzhou, please tell the working staff in uniform at the airport “I want to go to Guangzhou Railway Station”, then they will show you where to take the EXPRESS ONE. Departure time at Guangzhou Railway Station as follows: 7:51 (Train K528), 9:02 (Train K222/223), 11:02 (Train K512), 11:09 (Train K326/327), 13:44 (Train T170) and 20:38 (Train K302) in Beijing time. Departure time at East Railway Station of Guangzhou City is 19:23 (Train T172) in Beijing time.


The ticket fee of the EXPRESS ONE is around RMB 18 yuan per person, trains from Guangzhou to Xinyu around RMB 115 yuan of hard-seat ticket, RMB 214 yuan of hard-berth ticket, RMB 382 yuan of soft-berth ticket per person.


When you arrive at Xinyu, the University buses will pick you up at the bus station or the railway station.



IV On-campus Dormitory Booking and Checking-in


International students need to book a room in advance. If you have successfully booked a room, bring the Formal Offer Letter of Admission, passport in the designated time to check in. The reception is on the second floor of the Liberal Arts Complex D. Upon check-in, you are required to prepay for a refundable deposit of RMB 200 yuan by RMB cash. Please keep the Registration Form of Temporary Residence and the deposit slip carefully for future use.



The University offers double rooms (2 persons sharing a bathroom) to international students, RMB 4000 yuan per academic year (around 9 months). Included in each room are air-conditioner, color TV, and Internet access and furniture. Each floor offers a washing machine for students’ use.



V Registration


Place: International Students Office, Room 207, the Liberal Arts Complex D.


Date: As indicated on the Formal Offer Letter of Admission.


Time: 8:30-11:30, 13:00-16:00 in Beijing time.


1. 普通护照及复印件

2. 《入学通知书》及《外国留学人员来华签证申请 表(JW202)》

3. 八张白底正面免冠照片(33mm×48mm,正装)

4. 《临时住宿登记表》

5. 持有长期学习签证的学生须出示《外国人体格检查表》和血液化验报告原件。

Documents required:

1. Ordinary passport and a photocopy of the photo page

2. The Formal Offer Letter of Admission and the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 Form).

3. 8 passport-style photos (colored, 33mm width, 48mm height, white background, formal dressed).

4. Long-term study visa holders need to provide the Foreigner Physical Examination Form and the original blood test report.


Fee Payment:

The bill for tuition, insurance and/or other fees will be issued at registration. Please pay the bill at the cashier in Room 130 in the Administration Building. Either RMB cash or bank card is accepted.


Tip: Students not having Chinese name would better prepare one before registration.



VI Residence Permit Application

长期学习签证的有效期为入境后30日,持有长期学习签证的学生须在签证到期前提前至少5个工作 日申请办理居留许可,办理流程如下:

Long-term study visa is valid for 30 days after entrance to China. Students holding long-term study visa have to apply for residence permits at least 5 working days in advance of the expiration date. The steps of the application are as follows:

1. 在外国留学生工作办公室报到注册,并在学校财务处缴纳学费。

1. Register in the International Students Office and pay for the tuition.

2. 到江西省国际旅行卫生保健中心体检。约需要5个工作日可以拿到体检结果。

2. Verify the physical examination report in the Jiangxi International Travel Health Care Center, and take another physical examination there, which takes around 5 working days.

3. 在外国留学生工作办公室领取《办理居留许可通知单》。

3. Get the residence permit applications lip from the International Students Office.

4. 在新余市公安局出入境管理处指定的签证代理申请居留许可。

4. Submit the application at the designated visa agency of the immigration authority.

5. 在新余市公安局出入境管理处指定的地点拍照。

5. Take a shot at the designated place by the Exit and Entry Administration Department of Xinyu Municipal Public Security Bureau.



VII Others

1. 申请签证后注意有效期限,不要提前来华,务必保证在指定的报到时间距离签证有效期5个工作日以上。如果学生到校报到时签证已经过期或者即将过期,学校有权拒绝其入学,所有后果由学生本人承担。

1. Do pay attention to the expiration date of the visa. Make sure that, at the registration, there are at least 5 working days left for the validity of the visa. The university may refuse the student whose visa is already expired or only has validity time less than 5 working days. The student is fully responsible for all the consequences.

2. 如本人放弃入学,请务必不要使用收到的录取文件用于申请来华签证和入境,否则将会因非法入境和居留受到警方处罚。

2. If you decide to give up the admission, DO NOT use the admission files to apply for a visa to enter China, which will cause illegal entrance and illegal stay in China. The information of un-registered students will be reported to the immigration for further inspection.

3. 中国不承认其他国家的驾驶执照,来华后如需要驾驶车辆,需考试及申请中国驾照。在中国,酒后驾驶机动车是犯罪行为。校园内禁止驾驶和停放摩托车。

3. The driving licenses issued by other countries are not applicable in China, so those who want to drive automobiles in China have to apply for a Chinese driving license. It is a crime to drive automobiles in drunkenness in China. In the campus, driving or parking motorcycles is forbidden.

4. 一般情况下,学生在校内就餐的基本费用约每日20元人民币(仅供参考)。

4. For informational purpose only, a student generally spends around RMB 20 yuan on the fundamental food and drink service in the university each day. It is only for reference.










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